• My grandchildren absolutely loved it from ages 2 - 7. The pictures are great alongside the suspense of the story.
    Mrs Judy Holroyd (on Amazon), 20 july 2013


Book / Board game / Music

Where is my bear?

Are you scared of monsters? You won’t be after following the adventures of a young boy and his quest to find his lost bear.

Follow the story from in the book and search the room to find 4 toys and a torch to win.

2  official versions for starting players and those with a little more patience.

Adjustable rules with in game to accommodate players of all ages.

Illustrated to match the book, film and digital reader.

English version of the book published by Hogs Back Books 2013.

Dutch translation of the book ready to publish upon request, courtesy of The Art of Translation

Watch Where is my bear? Film here.

Ilustrations by Menno Wittebrood.

“Where is my bear?” is also available on Caribu for ios. Visit the website here.

You can buy the book here and here.

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