• Prachtig uitgevoerd; zit leuk in elkaar. Hoop dat het op de markt komt!
    Jeroen van Emde Boas, 13 december 2014
  • Fantastisch mooi spel en qua spelregels niks op aan te merken! Vlammen op de auteursdag volgend jaar!
    Richard de Rijk, 13 december 2014

Board game

Gunslinger, Last man standing

2 – 6 players

If you don’t die from the bullets, you’ll die laughing.

Help your posse protect the gold laden stagecoach in Edenvale or steal a share of the booty.

Out-think, out-roll and out-shoot your opponents to win this wild west Legend.

Fully adjustable learning curve with balancing for hardcore cowboys.

Watch the original promo ad for Gunslinger Last man standing, from Eden Lee, here.

The sweltering heat was making the air shimmer on the baked dry land where the new township of Edenvale is being constructed. The sandy plain nestles at the feet of the Wolf-tooth mountains… Mountains that are full of caves and caves that are full of gold and gemstones.

The beating sun casts shadows on the ground from the vultures circling overhead, waiting, it was almost as if they knew that something was about to go down…

The sheriff and his 4 marshals are standing in the shade of the veranda gazing in different directions, watching and waiting, it was almost as if they knew that something was about to go down…

The shutters had been placed over the windows of the bank, the saloon, the general store and the barbers and all but a fateful few of the townsfolk had moved to higher ground, it was almost as if they knew that something was about to go down…

Even the tumbleweed was rolling out of town, as if it knew that something was about to go down…

The only person other than the sheriff and his team that hadn’t left town was the Undertaker… “Be a good day for business I don’t doubt”, he called to the sheriff whilst tipping the brim of his black top hat and tapping his measuring stick against his leg.

The sheriff flicked his pocket watch open just as the bell from the chapel struck its first ominous tone… “There are 2 things certain in life Mister, retorted the sheriff, “Death and taxes… and you are guaranteed to be subjected to both today”. The undertaker grinned a ruthless grin and shuffled back to his workshop.

Silhouettes took form through the shimmering air in the distance. “They’re closing on the east”, called one Marshall. “The west too” called another. The third Marshal stepped closer, “They have crossed into Edenvale on the north side, sheriff” he said. With a clatter of spurs the last Marshall  appeared from around the corner of the sheriff’s office carrying a case of dynamite…”Well, that’s the lot”, he said and jimmied the wooden box open.

The bell struck for the sixth time…

A stagecoach fully loaded with gold and gems and its team of black stallions stood in the stables ready to leave for the big city, this would be a good haul even for the wealthiest of the bad guys, that was bad news… and bad news travels half the west before good news has pulled its cowboy boots on!

Edenvale, a new wealthy mining town with a small population was an invitation to every dirty dog who could fire a gun and the whispering wind had told tale that the worst of the mangy critters were on their way to claim stake… or die trying.

Mean Annie’s posse had risen from the south, The Kieron’s from the west. The north and east covered by well known loners who had joined forces, all coming to Edenvale for a piece of the action..

The bell struck 8, The silhouettes were no longer silhouettes but the worst of the worst bandits, mercenaries and lolly gagging desperadoes. They were all ready for action, positioning themselves behind barrels in the hope of lasting one breath longer that the next man.

The bell struck 9, The click of firing hammers being cocked broke through the ghostly silence.

The bell struck 10 and the sheriff called out… “You can all leave now with your lives if you turn tail before the clock strikes noon, otherwise you gonna be pushing up daisies by evening just like the others did last month!”

The bell struck 11. No one moved or made a sound… Turning to his deputies the Sheriff spoke, “Well y’all, it’s time to do what we’re paid for”. With that he drew his revolvers out of their holsters. As he clicked the second hammer into position the clock bell struck 12… but nobody heard it…

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