“In my world, a picture, a sound or a few simple words can bring order to the chaos and create a masterpiece. Welcome to Everydog Enterprises.”

About me

My Name is Lee, I am 44 years old, married with 2 daughters. I was born in England but have lived in Holland for the last 15 years. A man with many hobbies and interests which have opened many doors allowing me to exercise my creativity.

I am passionate about what I do regardless of which project or skill set I am using, learning or improving. Things that were previously burdens have become important tools in my creative progress. Over analysis, stubbornness, curiosity and perfectionism have been tamed and controlled. Teamed with creativity and a sometimes annoying stream of ideas the monster was given a name, Everydog Enterprises.

After years of writing songs and composing on guitar and bass, I finally had the luxury of an old Mac. The doors openend to recording (Garageband) which in turn gave me a chance to learn a new skill, digital composition using loops. This fantastic discovery let me not only compose whole numbers digitally but record own songs in part for other band members as a learning and practice tool.

Another hobby, video gaming, inadvertently opened several doors at once. A flash of inspiration after an evening console gaming sparked an idea for a game. The concept was fully formed within half an hour and on paper before lunch the next day. This concept quickly lead to a second, third and a fourth. Concept 4 revealed another door, curiosity made me open it and I discovered the world of board games hiding within.

Concept  4 could be played as a board game, no need for programming, I could prototype it and see if it worked. Using my skills as a cabinetmaker I made a special board, sketched out what I needed for tiles for my graphic designer (wife) and got to work writing the rules. Hans Mad Castle was born…the challenge was made, could I make a second game? The answer was yes and it hasn’t stopped as yet.

And so it continues...

My “hands on crafts” approach has allowed me to make some eye-catching prototypes. If you cannot find it or buy it; make it! Modelling with clay lead to the discovery of Zbrush and another basic skill I have picked up since…

The creation of the video game and board game meant creation of a character. I explained what I wanted to an Illustrator an he retuned within the day with the first line sketch, it was perfect. “Is it for a book?”, he asked when he delivered the work…”No” was the answer… but it could be, I thought and another door opened. Using the songwriting skills in a slightly different manner a rhyming book came to life. ‘Where is my Bear?’ was published by Hogs Back Books in the UK in 2013 under my pen name Darcy Coxall and illustrated by the same guy that made my initial character sketch. One good turn deserves another and loyalty is very important to me.

The book opened an old door, music, I could make a sing along version and did making a simple production at home. With some extra thought I learnt some basic Photoshop skills and how to produce a simple film with the help of Apple software.

The story was animated to music and the publishers loved it so much they asked me to create another film and singalong version for  another title they had published; ‘Croc on the Rock’.

One idea led to another and slowly all the ideas became linked. With the list getting longer I needed to step in and do more than just think and solve problems. I have learnt some basic skills in Adobe Illustrator to create artwork faster and free of charge. Recording skills came in handy again whilst making a soundtrack for another board game (Colony 369) and the promotion trailer for yet another board game (Gunslinger, last man standing).

If you ask me

Creativity is not something you learn. Fantasy and imagination can only be trained if you are gifted them in the first place.